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Ricambi ed accessori

The range of the textile industry spare parts that we market includes, among others:

  • Spare parts and accessories for all tipe of weaving loom (DORNIER, VAMATEX/PROMATECH, SULZER, NUOVO PIGNONE/SMIT, PICANOL, ecc. Needs to specify tipe of gripper belt – Cod. gripper ect)
  • Spare parts/accessories for Crochet machine as well as for narrow fabric needle loom Comez, Müller, OMM.
  • Leno device 2 and 4 ends.
  • Repairing of electronic boards for all tipe of weaving loom,s warping macchines and others.

  • Braiding and Bobbin winder machines.
  • TEXMA : Europe leader on production of Direct warping line both elastic and rigid yarn. Splitting line – Raschel and ketten Warp knitting machines. Accessories device, as yarn recovery, combs and beams. (
  • BOBOTEX : Roller coverings for the textile, foil and paper industry as well as the printing industry. (
  • DERIX : Healds, Healds Frame, drop wire for all tipe of loom, inspecially for metal wire, and heavvy fabrics. Same for narrow fabric. Drop wire stop motions for all weaving looms and cleaning sistem for drop wire directly on weaving loom. (
  • GALAN : Twisting machine enable to produce natural and sintetich yarn, kiss roller device to apply additive or oil on yarn before to twist. Possibility to wind twisted yarn directly to braiding bobbins. (



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